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Foresters working in compliance with sustainable environmental standards face unfair competition from unscrupulous actors. There is a real risk for future generations that some forests and the endemic species they inhabit will disappear.
Water quality
If slope soils are not regularly maintained, heavy rains contribute to accelerated soil erosion and sediments alter the quality of the water drunk by local communities.
Poaching is dramatic not only for the protection of the species that are victims, but also for the dissemination of certain tree seeds that help protect the forest ecosystem.

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The accelerating transformation of our societies has made social responsibility a global issue. However we still fail to meet the conditions for a dynamic eco-responsible economy.

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The mushrooming of labels and absence of world standard require innovative approaches to value positive impact embedded in green, social and sustainable projects.

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Positive impact projects suffer from a lack of financing and are not sufficiently attractive to traditional financial actors

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Elodie O'Brian
ESR Investor
"First time that I can imput very precised dataset to assess impact. Really beautiful interface, making my auditor life much easier."
Jérémie Paul
Sustainable Goal Reviewer
"Amazing! After the eligibility assessment our project has been founded in 5 weeks. Thanks to Vertdeep we valued the positive impacts gained from our environemental services but we also have found equity investors."
Anouk Granger
Project Leader