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As Vertdeep seeks to provide long-term support to organizations involved in generating positive impacts for a sustainable world, social impacts, energy savings positive impacts on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, improving the transition from carbonized energy to sustainable one for all, we believe that time commitment skills and field experience can be just as valuable as financial support. That is why we developed our cutting technology infrastructure to trade Non Fungible Vertdeep Token in order value the environmental services issued by our clients delivering a project we call “Gaïa project” delivering positive impact for future generation.

What do we mean by Gaïa project?


  • Social impact
  • Terrestrial impact
  • Aquatic impact
  • Energy saving
  • Carbon credits

Gaïa project eligibility criteria

Define eligibility

The lifecycle of a Gaïa project

The application form

Fill out the Vertdeep questionnaire  (at the bottom of this page) to enable the validation of your project’s eligibility and briefly describe the challenges, the solutions proposed and the impact expected in line with the Vertdeep’s core principles.

The application file

If your project interests the Vertdeep investors, you will need to complete a full application file using a specific Vertdeep document.

The presentation

A meeting with the Vertdeep teams will enable you to present your team and your project.

The pre-selection executive committe

Your project will then be submitted to a special committee that preselects the projects that will be presented to the Venturexpert Executive Committee.

The executive committe

At the end of the selection process, your project will be presented to the 9 members of the Executive Committee for final approval (once a year in June).

The tripartite convention

If your project is approved, a convention between the Investor, the Auditor and yourself will specify the scope of the project, the KPI and the responsibilities of the various parties.

The implementation

You will roll out the project with the support and attention of the Vertdeep team and local correspondents network.

The impact assessment

The Auditor will evaluate your project’s impact via performance and impact indicators that will have been previously decided upon with the Vertdeep.


Vertdeep IA module valuate the impact.


Vertdeep semi public DLT tokenizes the image of the service given by the project to the future generations. A Vertdeep Non Fungible Token (NFT) is listed on the Vertdeep exchange platform.

Our eligibility criteria

1. The project must take place in a country where the Vertdeep operates.

2. The project must be in line with the Vertdeep’s commitments and core principles, most notably through a special focus on the following challenges:

  • Improving understanding and raising awareness of energy saving.
  • Implementing projects generating measurable impact among the most disadvantaged populations.
  • Implementing projects generating social impacts.

3. The allotted funds must concern a clearly defined project and not simply an operating budget.

4. The project must be in line with the Vertdeep’s core principles.

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