Offset your emissions

How does Vertdeep offsetting work?

Vertdeep offsetting consists of investing in projects saving an amount of CO2 equivalent to the CO2 emitted by a third party.

  • Offsetting finances projects that aim to :
  • either to capture CO2 (mainly tree planting or forest sustainable stewardship)
  • or to reduce CO2 emissions at the source (better energy efficiency, use of renewable energy instead of fossil fuels)

What is project additionality?

  • The emission reductions generated by the projects would not have occurred otherwise.
  • Validation of the uniqueness of the projects: thanks to the registry in the Vertdepp Blockchain-DLT, these emission reductions are sold only once.
  • Sustainability of projects over time and validation (or certification) of the reality of CO2 gains.
  • Verification and traceability of financing from individuals, companies and institutions to offset operators.

What is "offsettable"?

As long as the CO2 emissions are measurable,  basically every process resulting in a C02 rejection in the atmosphere is eligible for Vertdeep offsetting. For example: 

  • Mobility: think on how to reduce C02 when travelling or commuting every day.

  • Building management: think on energy mix used for building heading or cooling.

  • But also activities:companies offset their production, transportation, event organization, IT, etc…

Investing in Vertdeep certificate is the right choice to offsett your CO2 emission

Three steps approach: