Vertdeep philantropy

Give with confidence and trust your impact.


We all make donations, but are we all convinced of the impact they have? What guarantees do we have about how it is used? We advocate for your donations to be trackable, measurable and verifiable.

To whom?

There are so many NGOs, associations, social organizations. How can I really know the impact of my donation? Donator willing to make donations face several challenges.


Making a donation is a personal step in line with the ethical and moral values you hold. It is also a step to serve future generations. How to give with confidence, simply and with the guarantee of meaning?

Lack of confidence

The opacity of the way they operate, the sometimes questionable governance and the few scandals that make the headlines contribute to the deterioration of donors’ ability to trust social organizations. How to know if an organization deserves your financial support?

Welcome to Vertdeep

We provide:

solutions to make donation easier.

innovative solutions to collect donations from public and private sector institutions, businesses and strategically direct them to selected certified positive impact project owners that have been rigorously selected for their high sustainable impact.

Vertdeep supports donors exclusively on a pro bono basis so that 100% of the donations we receive go to Environement Services in the Vertdeep Impact portfolio. Donations are eligible for tax deductions.