Become Impact Auditor


Vertdeep validation and verification approach is based on ISO 14064-3:2019. It assures your stakeholders that you are committed to reducing your carbon emissions.

We offer a wide range of validation and verification services to help organizations build credibility and confidence in their GHG emissions reporting, with reports to support the organization’s claims.


Gap analysis

The ISO 14064 gap analysis reviews your existing GHG management system, identifying specific opportunities to improve your GEZ emissions in accordance with ISO 14064. During the gap analysis visit, a Vertdeep auditor will determine the ability of your existing processes to meet climate change objectives, and identify gaps using the ISO 14064 Diagnostic tool.


Verification and assessment

There are two ISO 14064 phases. Validation involves a review of the project design data and documentation, with a validation opinion confirming that you can achieve adequate GHG removals or emission reductions in accordance with the agreed criteria.

Verification ensures that your climate change data and information provided in the reports is true, accurate and reliable and supported by a rigorous management system.

A Statement of Assurance is issued upon completion of the ISO 14064 validation or verification. The statement confirms the terms of the commitment and provides a brief description of the commitment, the level of assurance and materiality applied, and finally provides an opinion. The Certificate of Assurance reinforces the credibility of your GHG statements and certifies that they are free of errors, omissions and misstatements. Our assurance statement is recognized externally, including by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Integrated assessment

Organizations with multiple quality, occupational health and safety, information security and sustainability management systems can reduce the number of visits required by choosing a coordinated assessment, saving time and money.